Chicken Houses

Here at Cocoon we specialise and offer a wide variety of high-quality chicken houses. Our chicken houses can accommodate all brood and flock sizes and are perfect for all sized chickens, from small breeds like Bantams to larger breeds such as the Orpington. Our chicken houses are designed and built to fit and meet the needs of you and your chickens with various extras, add-ons and accessories available for our chicken houses.

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Benefits of Chicken Houses

Chicken houses help to accommodate all your chicken’s needs, from laying to sleeping and nesting. Chicken houses also allow for a safe and secure place to be, away from any fox threats and away from any weather conditions.

Chicken houses are extremely secure with multiple locks and latches on all opening aspects of the house. They are designed to keep the chickens in when they need to be as well as keep any other animals out. With being built from a sturdy and durable material along with various locks and latches, chicken houses are built to withstand a lot from all the elements and anything else.

Chicken houses internally house nesting boxes in which chickens can lay their eggs. Having nesting boxes within a chicken house allows for comfortable and relaxing laying for chickens away from other chickens, often in small spaces.

All our chicken houses are made from wood, which is a naturally breathable material, this means that the houses will not suffer condensation which can cause a multitude of problems. Also, with wooden chicken houses, they are easily modifiable as standard with a vast number of extras to add on but are also easily repairable if the chicken house were to be damaged.

Chicken House Accessories

Our chicken houses are also adaptable as well as modifiable. We supply runs that can be attached to specific houses, as well as runs large enough to suitably fit all our chicken houses in to give your chickens extra allocated room for roaming. Also, we supply accessories to fit various chicken houses such as our ChickenGuard auto door opener, to help assist you with looking after your chickens.

Custom Built Chicken Houses

If none of our standard chicken houses meet yours and your chicken’s needs, we offer a custom build service for our chicken house and chicken coops. With this service you are able to contact us and submit any drawings or designs that you have or are wanting for your chicken house, ensuring your chicken house is perfect for you and your chickens. Custom build service is subject to minimum order.

We offer unbeatable prices as well as next day delivery on all our houses. If you would like to find out more information on our chicken houses contact us on 0845 873 0253, alternatively, visit our contact page and send us a message now.