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Gertrude Air Chicken House

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For larger flocks who you would like to provide with space then the Gertrude Air model is an ideal solution. A nest box with 4 compartments as well as 4 perches are included as well as the option to add 1x nest box with an extra 2 compartments. Fox proof locks are also included as we understand that the safety of your chickens is extremely important so therefore at night they can be locked away with far less chance of them being attacked by predators. Wheels (optional) and a handle have also been added so that the coop can be moved around.

Size: 125cm x 125cm x 100cm

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Gertrude Air Chicken House

For ease of use when cleaning, the coop features a removable tray and side panel, allowing you to get into the coop without any problems. A 2m run is also available to add if you would like to give your chickens space to roam without being at risk of being attacked by foxes, cats or any other animals.

The Gertrude chicken house is suitable for up to12 medium sized birds. Less if large breed and more if small bantam sized breed

Model No. Gertrude Air

Size: 125cm x 125cm x 100cm

Availability: in stock next day delivery available

Gertrude Air Chicken House with opening roofs for easy cleaning & access & handles

  • 125cm (L)x 125cm (D) x 100cm (H)
  • Suitable for up to 10 – 12 medium sized birds
  • Nest box with 4 compartments
  • Fox proof galvanised (rust free) locks
  • Lockable tray
  • 4 staggered perches
  • Removable side panel for cleaning
  • 1 extra nest boxes with 2 compartments can be added (optional)
  • 2m run can be added to this product (optional)
  • Plastic caps covering legs to prevent rot
  • Removable tray
  • Handles for lifting / moving
  • Sliding door (suitable for automatic door openers – available on our website)

Animal type: Birds

No. of Small Chickens: 12

No. of Large Chickens: 8

No. of Rabbits: 0

No. of Dogs: 0

Additional Information: Depending on the size of the birds, you can use it for 12 standard medium birds

Primary feature: Opening roofs

Secondary feature: Auto door opener compatible