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As a rule of thumb, a rabbit hutch should be 4 times larger than the rabbit’s size. To ensure your rabbits are happy when tucked away in their hutch, they […]

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What Should Be Inside Your Chicken Coop? Complete Guide Your chicken coop is where your hens nest, sleep and shelter from the weather. To ensure the health and happiness of […]

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Getting Orange Yolks from Chickens Eggs

Top Tips to Get Your Chickens Laying Orange Yolks There’s a lot to be said about a good egg. However, you may have noticed that some eggs have yellow yolks […]

About Cocoon Chicken Coops

Welcome to Cocoon Chicken Coops! We specialise in designing, supplying, and distributing a wide range of pet enclosures such as chicken coops, chicken houses, rabbit hutches, and houses suitable for ducks and quails as well as a selection of Rabbit Hutches. All our products come in a range of sizes and styles so you’re sure to find the ideal home for your pets.

Note – Our products are built to a very high standard using between 10mm and 12mm T&G wood compared with the 8-10mm that many other suppliers use.

Our models vary in size from 4ft to 8ft with or without an integrated run. Our models all come with 10 to 12mm timber which is made with seasonal fir. You can purchase all our products with standard or next day delivery if the order placed before 2pm.

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