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How Much Space Do Chickens Need?

If you keep chickens or are planning to, space is an important consideration. After all, your chickens must have enough room to be comfortable. They must also be as safe and as healthy as possible. But just how much space do chickens need? Let’s look into it further.

Winter Advice for Rabbit Owners

When winter starts rolling around, it’s easy enough to keep ourselves warm inside the home – but what about our outdoor pets? Rabbits, as much as any creatures that live outside, are going to be susceptible to the cold. Therefore, it makes sense to try and make things as comfortable as possible for them. Have […]

Chickens Should Avoid These Foods

The problem with chickens is they will eat anything, but certain foods can be dangerous for a chicken to consume, even fatal. So take a look at some examples of foods that should be avoided.

Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hutch for Your Rabbits

It’s lovely having pet rabbits. And you will want to do what you can to make sure they are as comfortable as possible living in your household as part of the family. The hutch is where the bunny will be spending a lot of time so you must choose one that suits your rabbit well. So without further ado, let us look at some tips for choosing the perfect hutch.

About Cocoon

Welcome to Cocoon! We specialise in designing, supplying and distributing a wide range of pet enclosures such as Chicken Houses , houses suitable for chickens, ducks and quails as well as a selection of Rabbit Hutches . All our products come in a range of sizes and styles so you’re sure to find the ideal home for your pets. Our products are built to a very high standard using between 10mm and 12mm T&G wood compared with the 8-10mm that many other suppliers use.

Our models vary in size from 4ft to 8ft with or without an integrated run. Our models all come with 10 to 12mm timber which are made with seasonal fir. You can purchase all our products with standard or next day delivery if order placed before 2pm.

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