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How to get chickens back into their coop

This entry was posted on 16 April 2021 in Keeping Chickens.

How Can I Get My Chickens Back Into Their Coops?

One of the biggest pain points chicken owners have is getting their chickens back into their coops. Keeping chickens is a fun and rewarding experience. However, at the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is run around struggling to get your chickens back into their coop. Instead of chasing your chickens, implement a few simple methods to get them back to their coop whenever you need them to.

Training chickens takes time and the right techniques. Young chickens haven’t learned to return their coop at night. If you’re keeping young chickens, it’s your responsibility to train them and, doing so will benefit you in the future. Establishing a clear pattern for chicken roosting is also important for chickens of any age.

Let’s explore the tips we highly recommend for training chickens and helping you get your feathered friends back into their coops.

Training Chickens To Get Them Back Into Their Coops

Establish A Routine

Chicken training is key to getting your feathered friends back in their coop at night. To implement the best training methods, it’s important to understand the behavioural patterns of chickens. Chickens are creatures of habit, and they love and need a routine.

Once they know where their coop is, the home they stay in every night, your chickens will return to it every night. This sounds so simple, the part that takes attention and care is letting your chickens know the coop is their home. A great tip is to train your chickens to associate your voice with food and treats. Doing this ensures that when you call your chickens back to their coop at night, they obey your commands.

There are a few ways you can do this over a short amount of time:

  1. Let your chickens out at the same time every morning.
  2. Keep your chickens in their coop for 1 week (and up to 2 weeks).
  3. Monitor when your feathered friends return to the coop.
  4. Shut the coop at the same time each night.
  5. Associate your voice with treats and food so they always obey commands.

Make The Coop Their Home

Chicken behavioural patterns are very different to us as humans. Making the coop look amazing to you as an owner, may not encourage your flock to return to it every night. Painting the coop in your ideal colour scheme, installing stylish nesting boxes, and sleek windows and doors, all create a coop that’s great for you as an owner. However, convincing your chickens it’s their home requires some different changes.

Make sure the coop is comfortable and safe for your chickens. This means ensuring the temperature remains at a pleasant level, lay clean shavings on the floor, and provide enough spaces to accommodate your flock of chickens. If they are not taking to the coop, you may try shutting them in the coop for a few days at a time. Of course, ensure the coop is safe and comfortable. This process gets your chickens used to the coop and more likely to return each night.

night chickens

Adding a light to the chicken coop is another great way to encourage your flock to return to their coop. It doesn’t have to be a large light, a small light is ideal as it won’t be too bright. When the sun starts to set your chickens will follow the light and return to the coop at the end of the day.

Check For Pests & Animals

After you’ve trained your chickens, they may begin not returning to their coop at the end of the day. There can be many reasons for this. One of the most common problems that cause the chickens to not return is if they’ve spotted an animal around their coop. Foxes, badgers, and domestic cats and dogs, all pose risks to your chickens. This may put them off returning to the coop because they’re frightened.

Pests such as rats and mice also put your chickens off from returning to their coop. Pest infestations are a big hazard and as an owner, one you need to avoid. Keep the coop clean and refreshed regularly. This creates a more pleasant space for your chickens and reduces the risk of pest infestations occurring.

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