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Should I Move A Chicken Coop Regularly?

This entry was posted on 26 April 2023 in Chicken Coops, Keeping Chickens.

Moving your chicken coop regularly is a great way to maintain the health of your land and prevent the threat of parasites in your flock. It also gives your chickens some added excitement as they explore new locations with fresh ground to peck and scratch at. These are just some of the benefits you can expect from moving your portable chicken coop to a new location on your land every 2 – 3 days.  

A movable chicken coop is a fantastic way of making it as quick and simple as possible to transport your flock around your land. They are specifically designed with handles and wheels and offer the same high level of protection from predators as a regular static coop. A portable coop won’t cut back on any comforts either and your flock can still enjoy plenty of space and all the regular features found on regular models.   

What Are The Benefits Of Moving A Chicken Coop?

Prevents Parasites

Parasites are always a concern for chicken owners and portable coops will help in your battle to prevent them from affecting your flock. Chicken waste attracts parasites and a buildup of dirty, unsanitary conditions will be the perfect environment for bugs and beasties to thrive. A portable chicken coop will keep the ground fresh and protect your flock from disease and contamination.

Fertilise Your Garden

Did you know that chicken waste is really useful for fertilising your land? Their manure is filled with essential nutrients such as potassium and nitrogen, both of which are needed for plants to flourish. A portable chicken coop means your whole garden receives these nutrients as they act as a kind of mobile fertiliser.  

It Doesn’t Ruin Your Garden Too Much!

We love chickens as much as anyone, but we know just how messy they can be! Over time, chickens will wear away at the ground around your coop, especially if you have a big flock. They will also provide a lot of waste which – whilst nutritious for soil and grass – will make your garden look dirty after a while. Not only this but chickens are experts at rummaging around in plants and flower beds and will make short work of any neat and tidy displays or veg plots you have.

By transporting your moveable chicken coop around you can help to keep your grass and land in better shape. During the winter, you may choose to keep your chickens on land that would not be suitable in the summer due to flowering plants or growing fruits and vegetables.

It’s not just your chickens but the coop itself which will spell disaster for your lawn. The underside of a stagnant coop won’t receive any sunlight and over time the grass will die completely. By moving your coop around your outside space you give your lawn a chance to regrow and repair. 

Protection From Predators  

Free roaming chickens are great – but unfortunately there are plenty of predators out there that are looking for the opportunity to get a quick meal. Even still you don’t want your chickens to have a boring life confined to just one location.

A portable chicken coop gives the best of both worlds. Your chickens can live a free-range life without fearing any danger from common predators such as foxes or badgers. Strong metal wiring protects your flock during the day and you then have the ability to lock them up at night in a safe, secure wooden hutch. 

Chicken Enrichment

A portable chicken coop will add a little bit of excitement to the lives of your chickens. Life would get pretty boring if you were to look at the same view everyday and chickens feel exactly the same. A portable chicken coop means new scenery, new places to explore, and fresh grass to peck at. 

What Are The Best Portable Chicken Coops? 

If you want to move a chicken coop the best option is to invest in a portable model. Here at Cocoon we stock a range of portable chicken coops in a selection of different sizes. All of our moveable chicken  coops are manufactured using the finest quality wood and materials to ensure sufficient protection from predators. They are all simply designed and can be transported with ease by picking up and wheeling to the next location. Wheels are always featured on the heavier side of the coop to avoid strenuous lifting. 

Portable Chicken Coop

The Cocoon 3000WX is a simple, beautifully designed portable chicken coop that can easily be wheeled around any garden space. It is manufactured using high quality wood and has enough space for 3 – 4 medium sized birds or 5 – 6 bantams (size dependent). Cleaning is made easy thanks to a fully openable roof and a metal lined pull out tray. The 3000WX also features a locking arm for the inner door, a large front door with 4 perspex windows and ample room inside and out for your flock. 

Large Solid Roof Portable Chicken Coop

The Cocoon 4000XWR is the largest of our portable chicken coops and features enough space to keep 4 – 6 medium sized birds, or up to 9 bantams (size dependent). This is a high quality coop manufactured using premium quality wood that will provide long lasting protection for your flock. It comes with a number of fantastic features such as a metal line pull out tray, a locking arm for easy inner door closure and a front door with 4 perspex windows. Chickens can enjoy a nest box with an integrated run, 2 perches and plenty of space to run around and relax. 

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