Chicken Runs

Here at Cocoon we offer a wide range of chicken runs of a very high-quality. Our chicken runs are able to fit and suit all chicken houses. The chicken runs either accommodate chicken houses in or attach to the chicken houses directly. But our chicken runs are also designed to be a free-standing run to accommodate all animals from chicken to rabbits and dogs.

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  1. 3Mx2M Walk in Run

    Large 2m gap free door
    Expandable walk in run

    Model No. 3Mx2M

    Walk in Run Size 3m x 2m x 2.2m

    In stock from 10th Feb

    • 3m x2m x 2.2m
    • 38mm Galvanised steel tube
    • 0.8mm Wall thickness.
    • 25 x 25mm, 1.1mm thick wire, pvc coated hexagonal wire mesh.
    • UV Stabilised Polyester Fabric Roof

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Benefits of Chicken Runs

Chicken runs are an enclosed space where chickens can move freely. These are able to house everything chickens need, depending on the size of the run. They are perfect for securing as well as controlling the set area where your chickens are allowed to roam in.

Larger chicken runs can house a full-sized chicken house as well as any extras you want your chickens to have. This helps keeping them in a single outdoor space without taking away the space they naturally need, instead of locked within a house or small coop where they are restricted.

Along with this, due to the size of some chicken runs it means people are able to fit inside which can aid with cleaning out the run as well as when going in to pet, feed or play with the chickens.

Chicken runs can also solely be used as a run, not just for chickens as they are also suitable for other animals such as rabbits or dogs. Doing this helps keep animals contained within a large space that they can roam in.

Our chicken runs are also extremely secure as they are made from highly durable materials integrated with strong latches and locks on any opening aspects the runs have. This boosts the safety and security of your animals when inside the run, with nothing getting in or out. Some of our chicken runs can be fully or half covered to help protect the animals further from elements of weather.

Chicken Run Accessories

Our chicken runs are also easily adaptable and modifiable. Multiple runs can be added on to one another to expand the space in which animals can roam in or runs can be attached directly onto a chicken house to create an area in which the chickens stay during the day and night. Accessories for runs are also able to be added, these can add more to a run and help when housing a flock or brood within a run.

Custom Build

If none of our standard chicken runs meet yours or your chickens needs check out our chicken coops, these can be greatly modified to fit your needs and we also offer a custom build service for chicken coops and chicken houses. With our custom build service, you are able to contact us and submit any drawings or designs that you have or are wanting for your chicken coop or house, ensuring you that it is perfect for you and your chickens. Custom build service is subject to minimum order.

We offer unbeatable prices as well as next day delivery on all our runs. If you would like to find out more information on our chicken runs contact us on 0845 873 0253, alternatively, visit our contact page and send us a message now.