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Cocoon Portable Chicken Coop With Solid Roof – 3000XWR



The Cocoon 3000XWR portable chicken coop could have come straight out of chicken country! Made from superior quality wood this fantastic coop has an amazing number of features to keep chickens or other poultry providing years of top quality value. The Cocoon 3000XWR provides space for 3 to 4 medium birds (less if large fowl) or 5-6 bantams depending on size.

  • Suitable for 3-4 medium birds
  • Portable version
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Our stunning Cocoon 3000XWR portable has wheels attached making moving it around the garden simple for a single person. The coop has a metal lined pull out tray for easy cleaning. A big front door including 4 perspex windows and an access ramp inside the run will make it easy for your hens etc to get in and out and to add ventilation to your coop. A locking arm for the inner door was added allowing fast and easy closure of roost at night without entering the run.

This super wooden chicken house will look fantastic in any back garden and is built to last. The Cocoon 3000XWR portable comes flat packed ready for straight forward easy home assembly.

The Cocoon 3000XWR measures incl nest box and roof overhangs approx 250cm wide including roof overhang and nest box roof overhang x 76cm deep including roof overhang x 102.5cm high incl roof (100″ x 30″ x 40″). At approx 250cm incl nest box and roof overhangs.

The CC3000XWR portable has got a roof which you can fully open up therefore makes cleaning the inside a doddle.

The all new CC3000XWR portable now comes with a fully covered run using wooden roofs together with a wooden nest box roof.

  • Protect your birds with a fully covered coop
  • Plenty of run space for them to roam
  • Size: 250cm x 76cm x 102.5cm
  • Suitable for 3-4 medium birds
  • portable version

Animal type: Birds, Rabbits

No. of Small Chickens: 4

No. of Large Chickens: 3

No. of Rabbits: 2

No. of Dogs: 0

Additional Information: Up to 3 standard birds, 4 small birds or 2 small animals

Primary feature: Portable version

Secondary feature: Fully covered run