Rabbit Hutches

Here at Cocoon we offer a variety of high-quality rabbit hutches. Our rabbit hutches are built to accommodate a number of rabbits, dependent on the size of the hutch. All our rabbit hutches are designed and built to fit the needs of you and your rabbits, with various add-ons, extras and accessories available to aid the welfare of you rabbits.

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  • Hobbit Hole Chicken House

    Hobbit Hole*


    Hobbit house design
    Made from superior quality wood

  • Noahs Ark Chicken Coop

    Noah's Ark*


    Designer Coop Limited Edition
    Beautiful unique design

  • Half Moon Chicken Coop

    Half Moon*


    Designer Coop Limited Edition
    Beautiful unique design

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Benefits of Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit hutches are a combined housing unit and run specifically designed for the housing of rabbits. Having the combined housing and run allows for the ideal living space to be given to the rabbit or rabbits with plenty of space in the housing and run for them to be in.

Our rabbit hutches are also extremely secure with multiple locks and latches on all opening aspects of the hutch. They are built to keep rabbits in at all times throughout the day and night, as well as keep anything else out. With being built from sturdy and durable materials, our rabbit hutches are built to last and withstand all elements and anything else it encounters.

Using a rabbit hutch for your rabbit, helps to give them a more natural environment to live in when placed outside. This gives them a fresh natural space in which they can run around in, dig and much more.

Rabbit Hutch Accessories

Rabbit hutches are easily adaptable and modifiable. Further run space or housing can be added on or into the rabbit hutch, this will allow for a larger enclosure and can is a good idea when you have multiple rabbits. As well as this, there are a vast number of accessories available for all rabbit hutches to help aid with the looking of rabbits as well as their welfare, such as our rabbit hutch cover.

Custom Build

If none of our standard rabbit hutches meet yours or your rabbits needs check out our chicken coops, a variety of our coops are able to accommodate rabbits also. Our coops can be greatly modified to fit your needs and we also offer a custom build service for chicken coops. With our custom build service, you are able to contact us and submit any drawings or designs that you have or are wanting for your coop, ensuring you that it is perfect for you and your rabbits or chickens. Custom build service is subject to minimum order.

We offer unbeatable prices as well as next day delivery on all our hutches. If you would like to find out more information on our rabbit hutches contact us on 0845 873 0253, alternatively, visit our contact page and send us a message now.