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Keeping Your Chickens Safe

This entry was posted on 31 August 2019 in Keeping Chickens.

Chickens, chickens, chickens. Beautiful feathered creatures that fill the hearts of homeowners across the United Kingdom. Keeping chickens can be a daunting task, they are well known to ruin people’s gardens and then there’s always the additional risk of predators getting hold of your beloved chickens. We can help you to reduce the risk of this with our tips and tricks on how to chicken proof your garden.

Well Built Chicken Coop

The first step to keeping your chicken safe and sound is a well-built, strong chicken coop and run. This will help to keep those pesky foxes out and your chickens safe and comfy. When choosing a chicken coop, we recommend looking into the materials used in production, a good thing to look for is 3mm welded fox resistant wire. This will help to keep your chickens safe from predators like foxes.

Chicken Wire

If you let your chickens run free around your garden, chicken wire is a great option for you. Ensure all those little gaps in the hedges and fences are chicken proof with chicken wire. This stops predators entering your garden and chickens leaving. Chicken wire is available in most garden centres for a reasonable price.


Do you have an old, broken fence? Yes? Well, it may be time to get it fixed or replaced. Chicken wire can only do so much, so if you have several fencing panels falling off or even missing, then it’s most probably time to get it fixed. Having a broken fence just leaves your chickens open to predators, it doesn’t provide the necessary protection from predators they need.

Chickens inside of a run

Chicken Runs

Ensuring your chickens are getting enough exercise is important to their happiness, after all, the happier the chicken the better the eggs. But keeping them under control can be a difficult task, installing a chicken run with your chicken coop, allows them to run day and night in a safe and secure area.

Space Awareness

Are your chickens ruining your garden? Yes? Then it may be because they don’t have enough space. If you have a small garden, then you should consider how many chickens could comfortably live in your garden. Each chicken should have 4-foot x 4-foot each, this will ensure they have enough space to run, sleep, and play comfortably.

Small Picket Fence

If your chickens are getting hold of your prize plants then it may be time to install a small border fence around your plant beds to keep them safe from your chickens. A small picket fence is always a great option, they’re both strong and good-looking.

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