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Preparing Rabbits and Rabbit Hutches for the Changing of The Seasons: Autumn

This entry was posted on 26 August 2021 in Rabbits.

How To Prepare Rabbits & Rabbit Hutches For Autumn

As autumn rolls in, the leaves change colour and the temperatures get colder, signalling to rabbit owners that they need to prepare for the coming winter months. Many people love the changes autumn brings, however, it can be damp, windy, and cold. These seasonal changes mean you need to get your furry friends ready, so they can be comfortable and safe. To do this, you must maintain your rabbit hutches and support your bunnies’ wellbeing.


In the wild, rabbits naturally huddle together in large groups to share body warmth and live down in burrows. When rabbits live in burrows the temperature will typically only change slightly between the summer, autumn, and winter. However, pet rabbits always stay above ground and make rabbit hutches their home. As rabbit owners, there are a few steps you can take to prepare the hutch for autumn and the even colder winter months.

Checking Rabbit Hutches For Signs of Damp, Leaks, and Holes

It’s important to check the rabbit hutch for any signs of damp, leaks, and holes in the structure. If you spot any damage, make sure it’s repaired as soon as possible. This reduces the risk of long-lasting problems arising with your rabbit hutch and ensures your pet rabbits are happy and healthy in their home during the winter months. When your rabbit hutch is beyond repair, don’t ignore it, buy a new home for your rabbits straight away.

General rabbit hutch maintenance is essential all year round but especially when preparing for autumn and colder weather. Make sure you fix any drafts that could lower the temperature inside the hutch. This prevents any damp occurring that could lead to health issues for rabbits or damage to their home. 

Consider Investing In A Cover For Your Rabbit Hutch

Moving into autumn and preparing for winter means protecting your rabbits from the wind and the rain. An effective, low-cost way to do this is by putting up windbreaks around the rabbit hutch. It’s important to leave enough room for the hutch to have efficient ventilation to reduce the risk of damp occurring and ensure your rabbits are comfortable. Rabbit hutch covers and additional tarp protects the hutch from damage. During the night, make sure that the cover is pulled across the hutch to create a layer of protection from harsh weather conditions.

Another way to protect your hutches and rabbits from the wind and rain is by moving the structure off the ground. This prevents the hutch from being in contact with any damp ground because of rain and condensation. Position the hutch somewhere in your garden where there is a natural protection from rain and wind. Beneath a tree or next to a tall wall are great places to position the rabbit hutch during the autumn and winter. You can also waterproof your hutch with a non-toxic product for additional protection.

Preparing for the autumn and upcoming colder months involves more than rabbit hutch maintenance. You have to look after the health and happiness of your rabbits too. 

General Rabbit Wellbeing Tips

  1. Add Extra Bedding In The Hutch
  2. Make Exercise Possible & Safe For Your Rabbits
  3. Provide Companionship
  4. Monitor Their Feeders & Waterers
  5. Conduct Regular Deep Cleaning

Add Extra Bedding In The Hutch

Add cardboard boxes full of hay and extra bedding to the rabbit hutch for extra warmth and protection. You should also check that the material is dry regularly and another tip is to use straw as it’s warmer than hay.

Make Exercise Possible & Safe For Your Rabbits

Your rabbits need to exercise every day, even during the colder months. Make sure that there is a safe covered area for your furry friends to exercise that’s protected from the rain and the wind. Use a tarp or a cover to create a rain-free zone in your garden and over the rabbit hutch run.

Provide Companionship

In the summer, you’re probably going to be in your garden enjoying the warmth and sun regularly. So during these months, you’re likely going to be interacting with your rabbits more than in the summer. During the autumn, you need to still make an effort to offer companionship to your rabbits even if it’s raining and dark. Once you’ve created a safe space from the weather for your rabbits, use this as protection for yourself as well while you’re in the garden.

Monitor Their Feeders & Waterers

In colder months, water will freeze in your rabbits’ waterers and their feed may freeze as well. You can prevent this by regularly refilling their feed and water supplies. If you can’t do this, another solution is to use covers to keep the stores warm and protected from freezing temperatures.

Conduct Regular Deep Cleaning

When you’re laying extra bedding in your rabbit hutch, regular cleaning becomes even more important. This also allows you to check the rabbit hutch for any potential issues. A simple way to keep your rabbit hutch clean is to give it a once-over every time you change the bedding to make it part of your routine.

Cocoon Rabbit Hutch

If you need a new rabbit hutch to prepare for autumn, invest in a high-quality option that’s durable and will last long-term. At Cocoon, our rabbit hutches are built with insulation to ensure your rabbits are comfortable and safe during the colder months. 

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