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How Big does your Rabbit Hutch Need to be?

Posted on 13 June 2022 in Rabbits.

As a rule of thumb, a rabbit hutch should be 4 times larger than the rabbit’s size. To ensure your rabbits are happy when tucked away in their hutch, they […]

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Preparing Rabbits and Rabbit Hutches for the Changing of The Seasons: Autumn

Posted on 26 August 2021 in Rabbits.

How To Prepare Rabbits & Rabbit Hutches For Autumn As autumn rolls in, the leaves change colour and the temperatures get colder, signalling to rabbit owners that they need to […]

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Winter Advice for Rabbit Owners

Posted on 9 November 2020 in Rabbits.

When winter starts rolling around, it’s easy enough to keep ourselves warm inside the home – but what about our outdoor pets? Rabbits, as much as any creatures that live […]

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Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hutch for Your Rabbits

Posted on 31 August 2020 in Rabbits.

It’s lovely having pet rabbits. And you will want to do what you can to make sure they are as comfortable as possible living in your household as part of the family. The hutch is where the bunny will be spending a lot of time so you must choose one that suits your rabbit well. So without further ado, let us look at some tips for choosing the perfect hutch.

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How to Keep Your Rabbits Safe This Spring

Posted on 28 February 2020 in Rabbits.

As a nation of animal lovers, we have been keeping our favourite dogs, cats, pigs, and even goats as pets for between 9,000 and 15,000 years. Domesticating these once wild animals into our daily lives has given us centuries of pleasure. Rabbits though were a little more stubborn. We have had these balls of fluff as pets for ‘only’ 1400 years.

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