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Cocoon Chicken Coop & Run With Solid Roof – 4000XWR

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To protect your chickens from weather, wild animals and other such aspects of nature that they are vulnerable to, you need chicken coops which have a fully covered top. While there are numerous products available out there which provide this functionality, none of them is probably as unique as the Cocoon 4000XWR. This particular product is a gem amongst fully covered chicken coops as the top covering can be opened up in it, so as to aid in hassle-free cleaning of the innards. It can accommodate 4 to 9 chickens depending on the species and size.

  • Suitable for 4 – 6 medium birds

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These durable chicken coops can be kept in any garden, and they are sure not to look out of place. The design has been taken special care of by our dedicated team while the wood used is of premium quality. A metal line pull out tray makes things rather convenient for you as you can then have an efficient utilisation of the said space. A locking arm for the inner door has been added too, allowing for quick and easy closure of the roost at night without entering the run.

This durable, fully covered chicken coop has several features worth a mention. Have a look:

  • Nest box & integrated run
  • Pull out tray with metal lining
  • Suitable for 4 – 6 medium birds
  • Front doors with 4 Perspex windows
  • Dimensions (including nest box and roof overhangs) approx.: (250cm x 76cm x 102.5cm)
  • New locking arm for inner door allowing fast and easy closure of roost at night without entering the run
  • Chrome securing sliding bolts
  • An inner sliding door between roost and run for added fox security
  • 2 perches
  • Non-rust galvanized steel mesh
  • Can be used for ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits, quail, chinchillas etc.
  • Opening roof for hassle-free cleaning
  • Fully covered run with wooden roofs
  • Wooden nest box roof
  • Protect your birds with a fully integrated run
  • Portable if you add wheels
  • Size: 250cm x 76cm x 102.5cm

Now these are just some of the traits that the Cocoon 4000XWR. Our efficient doorstep delivery system ensures that the package is sent along with the instructions to set it up yourself. We offer competitive pricing, hassle-free service, quality products and whatnot! Get in touch with our customer care staff now to have a better idea!


Animal type: Birds, Rabbits

No. of Small Chickens: 9

No. of Large Chickens: 6

No. of Rabbits: 6

No. of Dogs: 0

Additional Information: Up to 6 standard birds, 9 small birds or 6 small animals

Primary feature: Large 8ft model

Secondary feature: 30% bigger living area than CC3000