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Cover for Smokey XL Rabbit Hutch



Cover for Smokey XL Rabbit Hutches (all colours). Winter / Rain cover for our Smokey XL rabbit hutch all colours to keep your rabbit warm and protected. To add extra protection to the protect. The cover measures 180cm width including roof overhangs x 53cm in depth including roof overhang x 85cm height including roof.

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  • New 180cm Rabbit hutch version
  • Metal lined pull out tray (holes or handles)
  • Front door with ventilation window
  • Above dimensions includes roof overhangs approx: (180cm x 53cm x 85cm)
  • Chrome securing sliding bolts
  • Fully covered run roof
  • Run is fully covered
  • Galvanized steel mesh ( non rust )
  • Can be used for ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits, quail, chinchillas etc..
  • Winter / Rain cover for Smokey XL all colours
  • Protect from the elements
  • Dimensions (includes roof overhangs) approx: (180cm x 53cm x 85cm)
  • Keep your animal warm

Model No. Cover for Smokey XL

Size 180cm x 53cm x 85cm

Available for Express Delivery

Animal type: Rabbits

No. of Small Chickens: 0

No. of Large Chickens: 0

No. of Rabbits: N/A

No. of Dogs: 0

Additional Information: Available for Express Delivery

Primary feature: Model No. Cover for Bunny XL

Secondary feature: Size 180cm x 53cm x 85cm