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How Big does your Rabbit Hutch Need to be?

This entry was posted on 13 June 2022 in Rabbits.

As a rule of thumb, a rabbit hutch should be 4 times larger than the rabbit’s size.

To ensure your rabbits are happy when tucked away in their hutch, they need to be able to stretch in all directions, stand on their hind legs, without their ears reaching the top of the hutch, and move, eat and drink comfortably.

When you look after an animal, they very quickly become part of the family. In our latest post, we take a look at top tips for keeping rabbits, with a specific focus on the space they need to live happily when in a hutch.

How Long Should a Rabbit Spend in a Hutch?

Ensuring your rabbits are securely in their cage at night will help reduce the risk of attacks from foxes, and keep your rabbit safe when the sun goes down. Rabbits, however, should be let out of their hutch every day for exercise. To keep your rabbit fit and healthy, they should have a minimum of 3 hours of exercise outside of the hutch on a daily basis. Of course, you can leave your rabbit out for much longer than this, provided they are safe and put back in their hutch at night time.

Giving Your Rabbit Appropriate Housing Outside

The winter months can be extremely harsh, with heavy rain, cold winds, and even snow or sleet showers. Whilst rabbits can often cope well in colder weather, being wet and cold can lead to serious illness, and if your bunny suffers from arthritis, being cold will lead to increased pain.

To keep your bunny warm as the weather starts to turn cold, you’ll need to ensure they are in a raised, weather-proof hutch, layered with deep, fresh hay for them to snuggle into. To keep frost at bay you can cover your rabbit hutch with tarpaulin or blankets, particularly around the open door areas. Pet safe warmth pads provide another way to keep your rabbit warm over night.

To keep your rabbit’s water bottle from freezing, wrap it in a protective layer of bubble wrap so your rabbit always has a fresh supply of water.

Should You Bring Your Rabbits Inside?

If you’re experiencing particularly harsh weather, it is perfectly fine to bring your rabbit indoors. Like most animals, rabbits can become stressed with change, so exposing your rabbit to your home gradually whilst the weather is warmer will help ease the transition should you bring them in come winter.

When inside, your rabbit should have space to roam, much as they would outside. Whilst rabbits like to be warm, the dry heat from a radiator can cause health issues, so the heat should be kept off or on low.

If you choose to house your bunny indoors, make sure the area they are in is free from toxic substances, including certain plants and spillages, and also free from wiring that an inquisitive rabbit could attempt to chew into. If you have hard flooring as opposed to carpet, make sure your bunny can hop around with ease and without slipping.

when inside, your rabbit should still have access to a place they can burrow down into and plenty of fresh hay.

Rabbit Hutches from Cocoon

Your rabbit’s safety is our top priority. To ensure your rabbit has all of the areas they require in their hutch, we offer a range of housing, varying in styles. All our rabbit hutches feature two tiers, a secure ramp, and enclosed run spaces. You can find dimensions for each rabbit hutch in the product description.

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