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Winter Advice for Rabbit Owners

This entry was posted on 9 November 2020 in Rabbits.

When winter starts rolling around, it’s easy enough to keep ourselves warm inside the home – but what about our outdoor pets? Rabbits, as much as any creatures that live outside, are going to be susceptible to the cold.
Therefore, it makes sense to try and make things as comfortable as possible for them. Have you considered how to best insulate rabbit hutches, and to help make them extra comfy for the winter season ahead? Let’s look at a few ways in which you can get that hutch winterproof or at least winter-ready, so your rabbit has warmth and comfort for the cold snap ahead.


By safe, we mean run regular checks! The average garden hutch for rabbits, even the fancier and more resilient models, are still going to be at the mercy of the elements. Therefore, you must always make sure that there are no leaks. This includes the flooring and sides as well as in the roof.
It’s also important that you look for evidence of flies or other bugs. These nasty critters like laying eggs in warm areas, and if your rabbit hutch is cosy enough, you can expect intruders.


Of course, caring for any bunny in an outside rabbit hutch should start with adequate bedding and comfort. It’s going to get cold out there, which is why you must make sure that your pet has enough straw or hay to bed down in. You should also make sure that you change it regularly. Never throw in large pieces of fabric or blankets, as your pet may be tempted to try and eat it.


Beyond the hutch itself, you need to make sure that your rabbit has enough access to roughage and vegetation, as well as water. You should also check your rabbit’s paws to make sure they aren’t sore. You should make sure that your rabbit is eating enough during the summer, too, and that it is a healthy enough weight by the winter.
Of course, you should also make a point of exercising your rabbit wherever possible in dry areas outside. They must have contact with you in winter, as they can get lonely!

three cute rabbits eating fresh flowers and grass in their hutch


Of course, if you don’t like the idea of leaving your pet in a rabbit hutch in the cold, you can bring your rabbit inside. However, you will need to make sure that they have their boxes and private spaces in your home, as well as a safe area or two where they are unlikely to chew through any important cables! Also avoid placing rabbits anywhere near direct radiators or heaters, as they can overheat. However, with the right rabbit hutch, your furry friend can be warm and safe outside even in the winter.

Looking after your rabbit during winter will take some TLC – but it’s worth it! Always make sure to check in with your vet, too, if you have any concerns.


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