Chicken Coops

At Cocoon we specialise in offering a wide variety of high-quality chicken coops. Our chicken coops can accommodate all brood and flock sizes as well as being suitable to accommodate rabbits. Our chicken coops are designed and built to fit and meet the needs of you and your chickens or rabbits, with various accessories available to aid with the welfare of your animals.

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Benefits of Chicken Coops

Chicken coops are simply a chicken house with an attached run and they match the benefits of both of these, all in one product. Chicken coops are perfect for controlling the set area you want your chickens to roam in, stopping them from getting at any plants or shrubbery you want to keep them away from.

Chicken coops as mentioned, are an all-in-one chicken house and chicken run keeping the chickens living and sleeping areas close by, while also containing them where you want them. This helps to keep your chickens safe and secure, keeping them in one contained space. This is especially useful when you live in a highly populated fox area, keeping the chickens contained in one space, day and night.

Like chicken houses, chicken coops are extremely secure with multiple locks and latches on all opening aspects of the coop. They are designed to keep chickens in at all times throughout the day and night, as well as keep anything else out. With being built from sturdy and durable materials, our chicken coops are built to last and withstand all elements and anything else.

Some larger chicken coops are tall enough to allow owners to walk in and be with their chickens. This adds the benefit of being able to clean out the chicken coop easier, as well as offering the chance to be in the coop and looking after and possibly petting or playing with your chickens.

Chicken Coop Accessories

Our chicken coops are also adaptable as well as modifiable. Further runs can be attached to a chicken coop to increase the roaming space for your chickens. We also offer accessories for our chicken coops such as our thermal winter cover which protects against all the elements, and more to help assist you with the welfare and looking after of your chickens.

Custom Built Chicken Coops

If none of our standard chicken coops meet yours and your chickens needs, we offer a custom build service for our chicken coops and chicken houses. With this service you are able to contact us and submit any drawings or designs that you have or are wanting for your chicken coop, ensuring your coop is perfect for you and your chickens. Custom build service is subject to minimum order.

We offer unbeatable prices as well as next day delivery on all our coops. If you would like to find out more information on our chicken coops contact us on 0845 873 0253, alternatively, visit our contact page and send us a message now.